New job

In 2014 until June 2015 I worked as the Education Development Teaching Assistant for the Film and Media (FAM) department. While I felt then, as I still feel now, that the ED stream at the university is necessary and can make great strides in assisting disadvantaged and struggling students to graduate, and graduate well, the pressure of the job was conflicting with my need to study for my own PhD. I resigned in June 2015 as I won a prestigious award from the Social Sciences Research Council. From then until now, I’ve been working on my PhD full time. I’ve also made significant progress in terms of depth of reading and analysis.

I was recently offered a job in the department as a research assistant, social media manager, and events co-ordinator for the MeCoDEM project. This new job means that I don’t have to teach this semester – it’s the first time in 5 years I won’t be meeting the first year intake, which saddens me, but the brain-power tutoring takes would mean my PhD would suffer. I already feel as if I’m behind on the schedule, because of my EDTA position last year. However, I’m excited to be working for the department in this role, not least because my research aligns with most MeCoDEM interests as well as with the aims of the department.

Let’s see where the next year takes me.


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