My first peer-reviewed journal article

I finally got confirmation that my journal article has been published with African Journalism Studies! I’ve been working on this paper since October 2014 – it’s based on my methodology for my PhD.

You can access it here. I took a version of this paper to SACOMM 2014 where I won best paper, and then again to Montreal, Canada for IAMCR 2015 for which I won the travel grant. I’m so grateful for all the expert feedback I got on this work, as it’s tied up my methodology really nicely. For a change. I usually struggle with my method because it’s a combination of content analysis and semiotic discussion, and my waffle cup runneth over. This method has really cut down on that, and given me a way out of the semiotic tunnel while still keeping my readers informed and interested. I just hope I can help others to do the same. Remember kids, the medium is the message (or massage), so your results may vary.

And now to operationalise this method in my actual PhD. The data collection is calling my name…



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