Welcome! This site is dedicated to my PhD procrastinations.

I’m a PhD candidate at the Centre for Film and Media Studies, where I successfully completed a Masters degree on the World Cup representation on television news. I waded through the toffee of that content analysis via another blog.

This PhD looks at the television news representation first five democratic general elections in South Africa. It’s a semiotic and content analysis on television news broadcasts, analysed with a methodology of my own design [I’ll link to the African Journalism Studies journal article when it’s out]. My first year [2014] involved data collection – over 300 news broadcasts from 1994, 1999, 2004, 2009, and 2014 global and South African news channels. My second year [2015] involved getting to grips with the methodology of efficient and coherent analysis techniques, as well as a literature review on the years, events, political parties, presidents, and political actors. My third year [2016] entailed analysis of all final sample broadcasts, and writing up findings.

This blog details four aspects of my PhD journey: travels to conferences; thoughts about South Africa, Africa, and global media; my PhD methodology, findings, and interaction with the literature; and finally interesting links that I might find along the way.


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