Welcome! This site is dedicated to my PhD procrastinations.

I’m a PhD candidate at the Centre for Film and Media Studies, where I successfully completed a Masters degree on the World Cup representation on television news. I waded through the toffee of that content analysis via another blog. My resume including publications can be found here.

This doctorate looks at the television news representation first five democratic general elections in South Africa. It’s a semiotic and content analysis on television news broadcasts, analysed with a methodology of my own design (available here). My first year [2014] involved data collection – over 300 news broadcasts from 1994, 1999, 2004, 2009, and 2014 global and South African news channels. My second year [2015] involved getting to grips with the methodology of efficient and coherent analysis techniques, as well as a literature review on the years, events, political parties, presidents, and political actors. My third year [2016] entailed analysis of all final sample broadcasts, and writing up findings, and I finally submitted in August of 2017.

This blog details four aspects of my PhD journey: analyses of topics I find interesting; travels to conferences; thoughts about South Africa, Africa, and global media; my PhD methodology, findings, and interaction with the literature; and finally interesting links that I might find along the way.



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