A collection of links that I find useful, helpful, or interesting:

MeCoDEM Project

The Media, Conflict, and Democracy project investigates the role of traditional media and ICTs in conflicts that accompany and follow transitions from authoritarian rule to more democratic forms of government.

Social Science Research Council fellowships

The SSRC fellowships page – many assist African scholars, as well as the diaspora throughout the Americas.

The Conversation

The Conversation is a collaboration between editors and academics to provide informed news analysis and commentary that’s free to read and republish.

 The Daily Maverick

The Daily Maverick is a unique blend of news, information, analysis and opinion delivered from Johannesburg.

GroundUp News

GroundUp has excellent citizen/grassroots journalism from a wide strata of South African society. It’s well researched, written, and targeted for different audiences.

The Daily Vox

Citizen/grassroots news that attempts a horizontal link between communities. It’s started to become more “click-baity” recently, but the journalism is still excellent.